‘Tis the season!

No, we’re not talking about the holiday season in December! We’re talking about Swim Week in Miami of course! Every year South Beach welcomes fashionista, bloggers, designers, and tourists to come see the latest trends in beachwear. It’s our equivalent to fashion week only wetter. This year we were asked to do live coverage of one of Swim Week’s satellite shows called Swim the Globe at the Sagamore Hotel (South Beach). We also spent some time interviewing and creating stories with the influencers that were invited.



The Casting

A lot of models and a lot of decision making.



Influencer Interviews

During the event, we were able to follow around a few of the influencers that showed up. We were able to get their take on what they were expecting to see during hours leading up to the show. This included creating Instagram stories and setting up sit down interviews. Here’s a sit down interviews with Assi Iman and Amber Quinn.



Live Stream Bonus!

One of the coolest aspects of this whole event was the live stream. A Mevo camera on a gimbal definitely upped our production value 10x. The shots were fluid, no camera shake, and looked spectacular for what we were doing. Don’t know how many people actually tuned in, but we had a great time filming. This is a snippet of the live footage we saved.


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